Zoe Almsted
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Date of birth

Before Emergence Day

Date of death

17 A.E.

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"We'll choke the truth out of Prescott himself, if we have to..."
— Zoe, writing in her journal about trying to find out what was happening on the mainland

Doctor Zoe Almsted was a researcher on Azura, and married to fellow Doctor Jason Almsted.



After being evacuated to Azura during the Locust War, Zoe felt guilty about how she and the other scientists and people the Coalition of Ordered Governments had deemed important were safe on the island while millions of others died on the mainland. This often caused her to lie awake at night, feeling trapped, but she and Jason never talked about it. They dedicated themselves to their work, but Zoe kept questioning others about what was going on the mainland, but no one would ever answer her, and would just tell her that she should feel lucky and enjoy the luxuries she had. Zoe refused to accept this, and wrote in her diary that she was going ask Jason if he felt the same way when he got home that day. Zoe hoped that Jason had enough humanity left in him to feel the same way, and that if he did, they would do anything they could to learn the truth, even if it meant choking it out of Chairman Richard Prescott. Zoe and Jason were both killed when the Locust took Azura, and her diary was later found by Sgt. Marcus Fenix.[1]


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