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The members of Zeta from left to right; Minh, Tai, Alicia and Barrick

Zeta-Six was a Coalition of Ordered Governments infantry squad during the Locust War. Led by Minh Young Kim, Zeta was composed of Tai Kaliso, Michael Barrick, and Alicia Valera.

Squad HistoryEdit

Evacuation of IlimaEdit

Zeta was one of the squads assigned to evacuate Ilima City hours before a "Kryll-Storm" arrived sometime after Emergence Day. After using the Hammer of Dawn to destroy a Locust attack on a small COG outpost, the pushed further into the city to assist Echo Squad, but are too late. They later run into Jace Stratton hiding in a vault from a locust attack at the Ilima Savings Trust. They destroy 3 Seeder locations by collapsing a building onto them. As the evac caravan arrived, a Brumak burst through the remainder of the building and destroyed one of the Armadillos. Zeta managed to destroy the Beast, but the explosion from its Imulsion tanks destroyed the rest of the building. Zeta then travelled to Ilima's High School in hopes of finding Jace's "father" Dr Wisen, and any other survivors. But instead find it overrun with Locust, Wretches, Serapedes and a Berserker, which they deal with before leaving to head to the Orphanage, where Dr. Wisen was headed too. After dealing with more Locust and Seeders, they arrive at the Orphanage. However, before they can be evacced RAAM himself, General of the Locust Horde, attacks almost killing Jace and stabbing Alicia through the torso with his blade. Zeta, along with Jace, try to divert some of the fire away from the Orphanage by circling the area, managing to kill two Mauler Elites and RAAM's Theron Elite, which greatly angers RAAM. They then fight RAAM himself on ground, and in the air, as the General rides on his personal Reaver, managing to defeat the General, but not kill him. Zeta would have almost have lost Kim, if Barrick didn't go down to retrieve him in his fruitless suicide charge.

Members of Zeta-SixEdit


  1. RAAM's Shadow

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