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Wingman is a multiplayer mode included in Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3.

Rules and RegulationsEdit

In Wingman there are five teams of 2 players each, but in Gears Of War 3, there are 4 teams of 2. The goal is to be the last team standing by killing the other teams. Players can be killed by instant kills such as a direct hit from a Boomshot, headshots and anything that satisfies this requirement. However, if a player is downed, they must be killed with an execution or a close up shotgun blast, meaning Lancer fire on a downed opponent will deal no damage to them. Players win the match by reaching the amount of kills from killing other teams. Players will use the same skin to avoid confusion between players, and the game pre-determines the character you will be using for that match. For example, the game gives you Aaron Griffin for the skin, you and your teammate will use this skin. It does not matter if you do not meet the requirements to use the skin; a player who hasn't unlocked the Savage Theron skin will still be able to use it in Wingman. Teams are split evenly of COG and Locust, but this does not matter. Whoever does not have the same skin as you is your opponent.


As the name "Wingman" should suggest, no matter how skilled an individual is, players will always need to rely on their wingman. At all times they should watch each other's backs, communicate, and assist each other. After the moment they spawn, players should plan accordingly as to where to go and to do what is best for the situation, like finding a nearby position to ambush enemy teams or obtaining a powerful weapon. If your team spawns near where a powerful weapon will spawn, defend the location to grab the weapon with your Wingman, as a recent update in Gears of War 2 delays the spawn of power weapons. Wingman is all about tactics and teamwork. Deceased teammates can even still help the other, by informing where enemies are on the map and advising what the active team member should do.

Please note that many achievements can not be unlocked when playing in Wingman. For a full list, check the achievements page here or look on your Achievements page on Xbox LIVE.

Gears of War 3Edit

Wingman returns in Gears of War 3, but the original 5 teams have been scaled down to 4. Weapons also spawn at a delayed timer.

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