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Wingman is a multiplayer mode included in Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3.

Rules and RegulationsEdit

In Wingman, players are put in teams of 2 each. To win, they must kill opposing members (until they reach the winning score). Enemies can only be killed via execution-style, meaning that they will have to die in one hit (e.g. headshots, explosions, etc.), or if downed, be executed. Otherwise, they will not take any damage when downed.

The units for the teams are already pre-determined, so you cannot change for the character you want, for balancing reasons. So essentially, anyone who doesn't look like you is an opponent.

If there are two players left from opposing teams, a sudden death timer will count down. A "round" is over when all enemies are killed, and the rounds repeat again and again until the goal score is reached.

Gears of War 2Edit

In Gears of War 2, Wingman creates 5 different teams (10 players). Weapons on the map spawn immediately.

Gears of War 3Edit

In Gears of War 3, Wingman has been slightly tweaked. The most notable changes are that there are now 4 teams, and the weapons have a delayed spawn time. The game will inform you when the weapon spawns.


As the name "Wingman" should suggest, no matter how skilled an individual is, players will always need to rely on their wingman. At all times they should watch each other's backs, communicate, and assist each other. After the moment they spawn, players should plan accordingly as to where to go and to do what is best for the situation, like finding a nearby position to ambush enemy teams or obtaining a powerful weapon. If your team spawns near where a powerful weapon will spawn, defend the location to grab the weapon with your Wingman, as a recent update in Gears of War 2 delays the spawn of power weapons. Wingman is all about tactics and teamwork. Deceased teammates can even still help the other, by informing where enemies are on the map and advising what the active team member should do.

Please note that many achievements can not be unlocked when playing in Wingman. For a full list, check the achievements page here or look on your Achievements page on Xbox LIVE.

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