Doctor Wilsen was a psychiatrist who worked for the Coalition of Ordered Governments Department of Health.


Advising Nikolai JarviEdit

"There's no guarantee they won't harm each other or themselves."
— Wilsen to Jarvi about the chances of the psych inmates causing trouble

In Gale of 12 A.E., Wilsen was asked to advise Officer Nikolai Jarvi about the possible risk of the psychiatric inmates at the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison. After he finished examining the files of each inmate, he called Jarvi, who told him he needed to know who the risks were if he transferred them to general population due to staffing shortages. Wilsen noted that the inmates were not medicated, so Rushkin, a schizophrenic cannibal, would be the biggest risk and he did not recommend it. Jarvi informed him that he had no choice but to shut the psych wing down, and Wilsen told him that the biggest risk would likely be the inmates hurting themselves or others after they were transferred. Jarvi told him that none of them had any family left to sue the prison if something happened, so Wilsen told him to keep Rushkin on his own and locked up all day, and to keep a watch on the arsonist, with the others likely only being risks to themselves. Jarvi thanked him for the advice and hung up on Wilsen.[1]


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