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William Alva
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Gale, 14 A.E.

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William Alva was one of the prisoners in the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison. He was a known pedophile who was selected to be experimented on by scientists studying Lambency on Azura.


Imprisoned in the SlabEdit

William Alva was captured before the events of Emergence Day. He was taken to the Slab and imprisoned there for an unspecific number of years.

Life on AzuraEdit

He was removed from the Slab under the orders of Chairman Richard Prescott, and ordered to be relocated to Azura for human experimenting. However, upon arrival at the island, he was refused by Adam Fenix as a test subject, so he was left on the island doing nothing but walking along the beach, reading, or spying on the kids of the local school.


When COGIntel found out that Mr Alva had been just a waste of space on the island, they ordered Miss Settile to dispose of him. She arrived in the library where Alva resided, and asked him to stand by the railing of the balcony. After serving years in the Slab, he was ready for her to push him over the edge, so he held onto the railing. Settile then put one round in his head, killing him instantly in front of Nevil, Adam and Dr Bakos.


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