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42 A.E.

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"Is the COG really coming to take us away?"
— William to Kait

William was a member of an Outsiders group led by Reyna Diaz.


Helping Secure the VillageEdit

"William, evacuate the school. Make sure no little ones are left behind."
— Reyna to William

When JD, Kait, Del, and Oscar acquired a Fabricator from Settlement 5 and brought it back to the village, they informed Reyna that the COG was going to carry out a retaliatory strike against the village. Reyna readied the village for the attack, and told William to evacuate the school. When JD and Kait brought the Fabricator to the entrance of the main hall, Kait asked William if everyone was accounted for. William said everyone but Mackenzie and Eli were accounted for, but Kait said that they were trading with the south village. As she and JD are about to close the door to the main hall, William asks Kait if the COG are going to take everyone away. Kait replies that they are, but that he will be safe inside the hall. She hugs William before closing the door, and William locks it from the inside.[1]

Taken by the SwarmEdit

That night, after the COG's DeeBee attack was repelled, a group of Snatchers led by a Scion called The Speaker assaulted the Outsider village so they could kidnap everyone. William tried to enter the power station to escape being kidnapped, but it had been locked by Reyna during the assault to keep JD, Kait, and Del safe inside. William, unable to get inside, was taken by a Snatcher.[1]

When Marcus Fenix was taken by a Snatcher and podded, he was connected to the Swarm's network. After being freed by JD, Kait and Del, Marcus revealed that every Outsider that had been snatched from the village, except for Reyna, had been killed, with William among those dead.[2]



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