Wharf District is the first chapter of the fifth act in Gears of War: Judgment. It is also the first chapter of Baird's second and final testimony. The chapter opens with a cutscene in which Loomis refuses to abandon the Courthouse despite the overwhelming Locust force outside and even orders D. Jones, who tried to convince him to leave, to go back outside, then orders Baird to finish his testimony.


As the chapter starts Baird states that they needed to find Karn to launch the Lightmass Missile and they knew he was at the Museum of Military Glory. The Declassified Mission will be upstairs.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Kilo Squad claimed to overcome a number of coordinated Locust defensive positions."

Activating the mission will spawn several Locust wielding One-Shots and Mortars along with heavily defended outposts along the way. Don't be fooled and use any strategy that might suit you.

Walk upstairs and you'll find several ammo caches, a Retro Lancer, a Sawed-Off Shotgun and a Markza with the last one being the most useful as you will be able to headshot opponents at range. Knock down the doors and you'll find the first Locust outpost with a Troika Heavy Machine Gun and several fences around, don't let them use the Troika and beware any Boomer that might come too close. There'll also be an Auto-Turret below which you might find useful. Some Flame Grenadiers may join the fight once you've nearly defeated all Locust.

Once you've taken down all of the Locust you'll find another outpost full of Snipers, One-Shots and Mortars so take cover and don't take unnecessary risks. More Drones and Boomers will attack, once you've dealt with the "cannon fodder" move onto the Mortars themselves and take them out, then finish off the last standing Locust. Afterwards head towards the door at the front and you'll have finished the chapter.


After you reach the first Locust outpost, walk towards the red omen and the COG Tag will be under a small ceiling and behind some pillars.


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