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"What do you mean, something?"
— Welson, after Dolland tells him that it wasn't the Indies attacking Port Ogari

Welson was an engineer aboard the Betancourt Star.


Emergence DayEdit

Six weeks after the Armistice between the UIR and COG was signed, the Betancourt Star was entering the port city of Porta Ogari. As they prepared to enter port, they were warned away by harbor control and directed them to go to Cape Aelis, and they saw that the city was under attack. They assumed the Indies had broken the treaty, and Welson rushed out to the deck with Dizzy Wallin and Dolland to get a better look at Porta Ogari. They watched as one of the Imulsion refineries exploded, sending flames and smoke into the air. Dizzy began cursing out the Indies, saying that they should fry them all with the Hammer of Dawn, and Welson agreed with him. However, Dolland was listening to the radio, and told them that it wasn't the Indies, and that some unknown creatures had emerged from underground and were slaughtering people across the world. Welson and the others were shocked, and Captain Robb Arden called them up to the bridge, saying that Chairman Tomas Dalyell was speaking on the radio. Welson listened to Dalyell's broadcast, but after Prescott was finished, he said that the whole thing was crazy and had to be some kind of exercise.[1] After reaching Cape Aelis, Arden told Welson and the rest of the crew to leave the ship and get to their homes the best they could to find their families.[2]


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