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Hanover, Tyrus

Date of birth

Unknown; Before Emergence Day

Physical description and equipment

Stranded Group Leader





Hair color


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Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
"Well, there's a surprise. The armored wonders turnin' out to save us!"
— The Stranded Leader, after being saved by Delta Squad.

The Warehouse Stranded Leader was the leader of a small settlement of Stranded taking refugee in a warehouse inside the city of Hanover. She along with the rest of the Stranded in the settlement were huge fans of Augustus Cole.


Lambent PandemicEdit


The Stranded Leader's reaction after realizing that one of the Gears was Cole Train.

Mission to HanoverEdit

"Hey, you're the Cole Train! Maybe you'll be able to work your magic on 'em. Hanover is still your house."
— The Stranded Leader, reassuring Cole that he might be able to persuade the Stadium Stranded into trading with them

This Stranded leader was organizing a defense of her outpost, which was being attacked by a Lambent force comprised of Lambent Drones, Drudges and two Gunkers. Fortunately, Cole and his squad had arrived to search for more supplies and assisted the Stranded in taking out the Lambent force.

After the battle, the Stranded leader came out and thanked the Gears, which Baird interpreted as sarcasm. She noticed Cole hanging around in the back, and recognized him as the Cole Train. Extremely surprised (and happy), she let the group in. Cole asked her if she had food to spare; she told her that food was an issue for her camp, but they had plenty of other supplies. She led the group towards the back of the outpost, telling them that they would be surprised with all of the supplies the COG left over the years. Cole later asked her about the Stranded in Cougars Stadium; she told him that the boss wasn't a fan of the COG, but because of Cole's popularity in Hanover, he might be able to persuade her.

They later arrived at the other side of the outpost, where she showed them a large amount of ammo. Cole contacted King Raven KR Seven-Zero to load it back to the CNV Sovereign. Cole told her they really appreciated her aid, and she politely complimented him before returning to the camp.[1]

Behind the ScenesEdit



  1. Gears of War 3: Act I: Helping Hand

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