Vivian Meriweather
Vivian Merriweather
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Doctor Vivian Merriweather was a doctor at Jacinto Med who had close ties to the Coalition of Ordered Governments administration.


Working at Jacinto MedEdit

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, Merriweather worked at Jacinto Med in Jacinto City. She treated several Gear soldiers who were suffering from Rust Lung, including Sgt.Jonathan Harper. She assisted the Coalition of Ordered Governments administration in covering up the existence of the disease, and told the Gears they were suffering the symptoms due to being unable to deal with the harsh realities of war. Her fellow doctor Nicolette Shannon was concerned about her lack of concern about the disease, but Merriweather ignored her concerns.[2][3]


Dr. Nicolette Shannon's Journal EntryEdit

Dr. Nicolette Shannon

Dr. Merriweather mentioned that she's seen numerous patients exhibiting similar symptoms, even paranoia and aggression, but she appears to be less concerned than the rest of us. I'm starting to wonder whether her close ties to the COG administration could be affecting her judgment about the patients' welfare. Going to follow up on this with the director tomorrow...

If we aren't taking care of our soldiers, who will?

Dr. Nicolette Shannon[4]

Jacinto Medical Center FileEdit

Patient Name: Jonathan Harper
Occupation: Sergeant (Echo-9), COG Army
Age: 29
Height: 1.9 m
Weight: 91 kg

Patient is a 9-year veteran who has recently experienced vertigo, persistent cough, and insomnia. Was stationed at Timgad area for 2 months after Lightmass offensive, when assigned to Jacinto perimeter patrol last 4 months. Symptoms began about 1 month ago. Physical and diagnostic evaluation showed no chronic illnesses and no signs of bacterial infection. Prescribed a medium-strength antihistamine, released patient, and gave clearance for further duty. Expect a full recovery with no side effects.

Dr. Vivian Merriweather

Crimson Omen
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