Emergence on the Southwest Coast of Vectes


Meadow Skirmish

Vectes Imulsion Field Incident

Lambent Pandemic


Gale, 15 A.E.


Vectes Imulsion Field

  • Discovery that Lambency has jumped the species barrier

COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments


  • None
  • Lambent Bull

The Vectes Imulsion Field Incident was an encounter with a Lambent Bull at the Vectes Imulsion Field.

Order of BattleEdit


During the Battle of Edlar Farm, six cows and a bull escaped. Due to increasing Lambent threats, especially after the Battle of the Vectes Imulsion Field, Corporal Damon Baird and Private Augustus Cole went with the Gorasni Imulsion drillers to protect them. While there, the missing bull appeared, but to the groups horror, they realized that it had gone Lambent.


Needing to get the bull away from the Imulsion before they could shoot it, Cole runs and leads the bull away from the field while Baird tries to get a shot to kill it and the Gorasni drillers prepare to put out the fire that will inevitably happen. Just as Baird is about to fire on the bull, it changes direction and charges Eugen. The bull rams into Eugen and explodes, killing both and leaving Eugen in pieces.


Despite the danger, the Gorasni decide to keep drilling, but the fact that the bull went Lambent and the appearance of Lambent Dogs soon after proves that Lambency is catching and that it is spreading to animals.

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