Vaults is the eighth chapter of the first act in Gears of War: Judgment. This is also the last chapter of Baird's first testimony.


You start the chapter in a room with some weapons. It is recommendable to grab short range weapons if you activate the Declassified Mission which is on the right corner of the room.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Kilo Squad alledged that dust in Archives reduced its combat efficacy."

Activating it will make your visibility highly reduced because of the dust in the Archives room. Kick the door ahead of you and watch the movements of your enemies carefully, don't let them get to close as they will kill you in a matter of seconds. Wretches and Cleaver Therons attack first, with Butchers and Maulers coming next. It is preferable to grab the Mulcher on the right corner of the room or the Boomshield right in front of you, as they will help you overcome your enemies faster. Kill the Maulers and Therons first, as they are the most dangerous enemies which will kill you with three or two attacks. Grenades are also useful in this chapter.

Reinforcements arrive after you almost reach the end of the room, deal with them and you reach some stairs that lead you to the exit door. Some more Therons will appear, after you kill them, you exit the room and a cutscene follows in which Col. Loomis tells you to defend the Museum and Paduk tells him he knows the Locust general that's leading the Grubs inside the Museum and its called Karn , Sofia interrumpts and tells the Colonel to use the Lightmass Missile but Loomis tells her to shut up and to defend the Museum. Then the comms fail again and you watch an army of Grubs heading for the Museum with General Karn killing an Onyx Guard on his Shibboleth before leading his forces inside the Museum. Cole asks Sofia how did the Missile worked and she tells them that's classified but that there's one in Halvo Bay, Baird explains how it functions and Paduk tells them that he got his scars by one of the Missiles. Sofia tells them they need the launch codes of the Missile, a targeting beacon and authorization from Control, Paduk then jokingly tells Control that they will use the Missile to destroy Karn and if there's any objection, they only hear static and Baird tells that's good for me. He then tells Sofia she's going back to the Academy and the chapter ends.


Near the stairs at the end of the room, there's a COG Tag on the wall to the right near a closed E-Hole and a Gear's body.


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