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For stuff I am working on thats not yet ready.

Marcus Rewrite

Mission to the Pirnah Badlands

Searching For Missing Gears

A month after the Evacuation of North Gate, Bernie, Baird, and Cole had all been transfered out of Delta, and rookie Gears Pvt.Jace Stratton and Pvt.Gil Gonzalez were assigned to the squad. Delta was then sent on a mission to the Pirnah Badlands to try and locate missing squads and recover supplies.[1]

Locust Ambush

Week of Rest

Dom Rewrite

Operation: Leveler


Prescott's Memoirs

"Understand what a world had to do to survive."
— Chairman Richard Prescott, Memoirs, opening line, unpublished draft[3]

Richard Prescott's memoirs were an unpublished account of the thoughts of last Chairman of the Coalition of Ordered Governments on his time in office, and the choices he had made. He also wondered if it was possible they could have stopped the Locust with advanced warning, but figured that even a warning would have left them unprepared for the Lambent.

Quotations from the Memoirs

"My father warned me that a politician could't be a hero until he was dead and history put him in contest. I have no ambition to be a hero, but i would like to be understood one day. Our job is the necessary dirty work that nobody else wants. Hoffman would understand that. A soldier's job is much the same. But would Marcus Fenix believe my reason for acting as I did? And does it matter as long as Serans survive to have the luxury to debating whether I was a coward or a traitor? Part of me thinks it does. This is why politicians write memoirs-it's our plea in mitigation."
— Prescott reflecting upon his possible legacy
"If we'd known the Locust were massing underground- if we'd known even existed- could we have destroyed them before they had a chance to emerge? Perhaps. We could probably have saved many more lives, at very least. But the Lambent- I suspect even a warning would never have prepared us fully to deal with them."
— Prescott wondering if advanced warning of the Locust or Lambent could have changed anything[4]

Skirmish outside the Wire‏‎

Skirmish outside the Wire

The Skirmish outside the Wire was a small clash between a young Corpser and two Gears outside of the Coalition of Ordered Governments controlled area of Jacinto City.

Order of Battle

Corpser Emergence



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