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Hoffmansinuniform Welcome! I'm a Commander of this COG facility.
JacktheBlack is an Administrator of Gearspedia. Any complaints or problems? Let him know on his talk page.
" Since the release of Gears of War 2, I been editing Gearspedia, from there I climbed up to the rank of bureaucrat. I had met a lot of good people and few trolls along the way since 2008, I am now 25 and I can no longer do this. So long and good bye and to my friends that I have meet on Gearspedia. I will miss you and I will not forget you."
— JacktheBlack
Gears of fun by garystorkamp-d4b8ka3
Jack the Black
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20 years before Emergence Day/Mar,13,90

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  • Banhammer
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  • Mop
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  • Been vandalize 4 times
  • wrote the 400 article
    • And 500 page
  • I'm a duel citizen of the Kingdom of Spain and the United States.

Coalition of Ordered Governments


"I'm a little Hoffman, short and stout.

Here is my Gnasher, here is my shout!"

— Something I'd stole from the forums

This is me (Jack) and yes I know I'm half Kangaroo.

I'm JacktheBlack. If you have any questions concerns don't hesitate to message me or just a plain hate mail please leave it on my talk page :D . I am a gearhead and a big fan of the Gears of War Series and very devoted to the series.

Fun Facts

  • You can say I'm a hyperinclusionist.
  • I'm on my 3rd 360.
  • I have every released comic and book so far.
  • The only reason I'd join was to make a few battle pages and now I'm a bureaucrat.
  • I support "Bring-Alexandra "alex" Brand- to Gear of War 3 and I'm doing advertisement for Gearspedia by showing the expanded universe.
  • Greatly demoralize by the Nastyboy thread on the Locust origin.

Our policy

If Epic Games say it canon we will post it.

My policy

Source is always canon. The interpretation is the problem. I have been known to admit I can be wrong on things.

Notable Users

Favorite Quotes

"That's one! That's two! That's three! That's four! That's five motherfuckers!"
— Marcus Fenix upon eliminating a Locust patrol in the Hollows
"Aww... ain't that cute."
"Like two assholes on their first date.
— Augustus Cole and Dominic Santiago, on Marcus and Baird's arguing
"Being a Gear is a helluva lot more interesting"
— Michael Barrick on joining via Operation Lifeboat

Gears of War Riddles

I did not create this.

  • I am speculated alive yet unnoticeable alive and will burn if you ever decided to swim or give you a very strange illness
  • Trapped for years and held in cases yet when released we are not happy. But what are we?
  • Some people say I'm stupid - they judge me because I'm bulky - I was once taken down in a store on the sovereign boulevard
  • I rule a kingdom and live in a castle but am unlike any other. I am a bird which symbolizes darkness. I drop down to save soldiers.
  • Infested with locust I rage on towards the end in desperation
  • "We are gone now but not forgotten. We lurk in the shadows. Illuminate or die."
  • A workers tool before sunrise
  • I'm shriveled up and look like a raisin
  • Robin hoods tool for measuring the force acting on an object to make it rotate
  • A small version of a London landmark - Ferrari motion sensitive explosive

Favorite Gears

Pet Peeves on Gearspedia and Gears of War

  • Changing Main image on a article.
  • When people say the Queen speak English (Its Tyran!)
  • When someone create an article but dos not put any templates or link it.
  • Uploading images without putting the licenses or replacing the original with something complete different
  • leaving a message that is completely useless like this one
  • Crack pot theories
  • People thinking Sera is a colony of Earth/Sera is Earth.
  • Never mastering the new ref code.
  • When people said Gears are super soldiers. They are not [1]
  • And the number one thing I hate. When people don't trust this wiki since they believe "anyone can edit info and its always wrong".

My Goal

My goal is to expand this wikia too become the most respected Gears of War information site. Rule out the fanon and have the best information for gearshead who are interested in the story and universe of Gears of War. I want this wikia to go beyond the Games and tell the story of the COG. I want the universe of gears explained from their religion too what they eat. I want this too be the wikipedia of Gears of War.

To-Do list

  • Overhaul Categorizes
    • Phase out the "character" category. With either a Seran or Human
    • Update all Families article.
    • Change all "Base" category to "Military Bases".
    • Overhaul Military units categories.
    • Gearsif-ing all articles that need Gearsifing.
  • revamp all Locust creatures/specious pages along with Lambent.'
  • Since I'm replaying GoW 1 I can add things that where left out. Like Bairds mother who was mention only once.
  • Fixing Delta-One
  • Update/fix all Gears of War 1 pages.
  • Revamp Locust-War.
  • Revamp Operation: Hollow Storm
  • Revamp Pendulum Wars
  • Start a requirement drive on major Gears of War Forums
  • Add ALL Epic employees.
  • Update all possible info from the art book.
  • Add more User Box.
  • This list is subject to change.


  • Gears of War 1
  • Gears of War 2
  • Gears of War 3
  • Gears of War: Judgment
  • Gears of War Triple pack
  • Gears of War:Aspho Fields
  • Gears of War:Jacinto's Remnant
  • Gears of War:Anvil Gate
  • Gears of War:Hollows Issue 1
  • Gears of War:Hollows Issue 2
  • Gears of War:Hollows Issue 3
  • Gears of War:Hollows Issue 4
  • Gears of War:Hollows Issue 5
  • Gears of War:Hollows Issue 6
  • Gears of War:The Quickening
  • Art of Gears of War
  • Gears of War:Source book
  • Gears of War:Harper's Story
  • Gears of War:Barren Issue 9
  • Gears of War:Barren Issue 10
  • Gears of War:Barren Issue 11
  • Gears of War:Barren Issue 12
  • Gears of War:Barren Issue 13
  • Gears of War:Midnight
  • Gears of War:They also serve
  • Gears of War:Unsaid
  • Gears of War:Unseen
  • Gears of War:Promise Me
  • Gears of War:Dirty Little Secrets issue 1
  • Gears of War:Dirty Little Secrets issue 2
  • Gears of War:Dirty Little Secrets issue 3
  • Gears of War:Dirty Little Secrets issue 4
  • Gears of War:Dirty Little Secrets issue 5
  • Gears of War:Dirty Little Secrets issue 6

My Contribution

Who ever said I'm not a gearhead?

My workbench

Articles that I wrote or greatly helped on

They are not in order. I notice I write a lot of stubs articles.

Templates I'd made

Battles of the Locust War
0 A.E. Emergence Day (First Battle of Jannermont · Battle of Porta Ogari · Battle of Mattino Junction · Battle of Nordesca · Evacuation of Mercy) · Battle of Kinnerlake · Destruction of Halvo Bay · Battle of Autrin · Battle of Jasper · Battle of Kaia
1 A.E. Battle of Bonbourg · Second battle of Jannermont · Fall of Ostri · Battle of Andius · Ambush on Voslov Bridge · Hammer of Dawn counterattack · Battle of Oblivion · Skirmish in the Live Zone
5 A.E. Fall of Landown
9 A.E. Battle of Noroa · Riverside Skirmish
10 A.E. Battle of Estana · Skirmish at Shenko Falls · Battle of Ephyra
11 A.E. Skirmish outside the Wire
12 A.E. Raid on Ginnet Drive · Incursions at Endeavor
13 A.E. Battle on the Andius Highway · West Barricade Campaign · Raid on the CIC
14 A.E. Operation: Midnight · Siege of the Slab · Battle of the Slab · Lightmass Offensive · Assault on Franklin's Outpost · Jilane Massacre · Ambush at Sovereigns Boulevard · Evacuation of North Gate · Sinking of Tollen and Montevado · Mission to Tollen · Battle outside of Jacinto · Mission to the Pirnah Badlands · Battle for Fucked · Mission to Montevado · Battle near Jacinto · Unidentified M.O.U.T. battle · Liberation of Jilane · Siege of Jacinto
15 A.E. Siege of Jacinto (Raid on Pomeroy Depot · Raid on Jacinto Med) · Operation: Hollow Storm (Assault on Landown · Battle of Ilima · Mission to New Hope Research Facility · Siege of Nexus) · First Mission to Merrenat Naval Base · Skirmish south of Port Farrall · Second Mission to Merrenat Naval Base · Battle of Port Farrall · Ambush outside of Port Farrall · Lambent Pandemic
16 A.E. Skirmish in the Kashkur Foothills
17 A.E. First Battle of Azura · Mission to Hanover · Battle of Centennial Bridge · Battle of the Deadlands · Battle of Anvil Gate · Mission to Mercy · Attack on Griffin Tower · Battle of Endeavor Naval Shipyard · Mission to Halvo Bay · Second Battle of Azura
Unknown timeline Evacuation of Ilima
Battles and fronts of the Pendulum Wars
47 B.E. Ostri Front
17 B.E. Kashkur Front (Fall of Mendurat · Siege of Anvil Gate · Battle of Shavad · Battle of Ragani) ·UIR occupation of Vasgar · Raid on Gralia
4 B.E. Raids on the Acastu Imulsion Fields · Battle of Irohma Island
3 B.E. Sarfuth-Maranday Border Incident · Battle of Aspho Fields
0 B.E. Skirmish in Ghato City · Battle of Bonbourg · Skirmish on Furlin cliffside · Armistice between the UIR and COG
Unknown timeline Battle of Branascu · Bombardment of Mercy · Conquest of the South Islands · Eastern Front · Bombing of Sikorla · Battle of Autrin · Battle of Berephus · Third Battle of the Plateau

Coalition of Ordered Governments
Military: Coalition High Command · COG Army · COG Navy · COG Air Corps · Engineering Corps
Civilian: COG Merchant Navy
Government: Civil Protection Service · Council of Sovereigns · Defense Select Committee · Department of Conscription · Department of Health · Intelligence Agency · Defense Research Agency · COG Defense Department · COG Casualty Information Bureau
History: Alexiy Desipich · Nassar Embry · Allfathers · Austere Canon · Octus Canon · Fortification Act
Society: Socialism
Economy: Socialism · Coalition Reserve

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Best Thing to happen to the Wiki


Newgrounds FTW


— JacktheBlack after his second award

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