Upper State Street is the third chapter of the fifth act in Gears of War: Judgment.


The chapter starts after you've planted your little Tripwire Crossbow "surprise" for an incoming Locust patrol. The traps will kill most enemies and you'll have to finish the survivors, that shouldn't be a problem considering you're at an advantage position far away from the Locust. After you finish you might want to reload with an Onyx Ammo Cache behind you and there'll also be a Sawed-Off Shotgun nearby. Head towards the destroyed building and use Troy to open the door. The Declassified Mission shall be nearby.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Kilo Squad claimed to have fought additional units of exceptional ferocity."

Activating the mission will face you against hordes of Ragers already metamorphosed (even if you don't shoot at them) and some Mauler Elites. There'll be a Booshka Grenade Launcher, a One-Shot, a Markza and an Auto-Turret so you can use them against your enemies. The auto-turret can make significant damage to the Ragers and you may use the One-Shot to take down the Maulers as a perfect reloaded shot will kill them even if they cover themselves. You can also use the Markza for headshots and the Booshka to close E-Holes.

Shortly after Troy starts to open the door an E-Hole will spawn, releasing several Ragers into the battlefield with more erupting from the ground, after a while Maulers will join the fight. Make sure you reload the sentry or else it will be destroyed. This might be one of the toughest levels on insane so you better have a good strategy against your foes. Once all enemies are down head towards the now opened door and follow into the next chapter.


At the destroyed building, you will find the COG Tag under some rubble near a collapsed wall.


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