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Unidentified captured Drone
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The Hollow

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Frost, 15 A.E.

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  • Captured by the COG
"I'm going to do to you what you did to my mate Tai. Yeah. You like that idea? And I'm old, so I'm going to be a bit slow about it."
Bernadette Mataki, taunting the Drone

This unidentified Drone was part of a group of Locust stragglers that escaped the flooding of the Hollows and headed towards Port Farrall. In the skirmish that followed, this Drone was injured and taken captive by Gears, before being executed.


Locust WarEdit

"Why haven't we taken any of these things prisoner before? Maybe this is a chance to learn something."
Damon Baird

Fifteen years after Emergence Day, the night of the sinking of Jacinto, this Drone was part of a small Locust party, consisting of other Drones, Boomers, a Bloodmount, and a Corpser, that escaped the flooding and made its way towards the city of Port Farrall. COG forces were alerted to the stragglers, and engaged them. During the skirmish, which was won by the COG, the Drone was injured and attempted to flee, but was intercepted by Damon Baird and Bernadette Mataki. Bernie had managed to pin the Drone down and began to taunt it, stating that she'd do to the Drone what had been done to Tai Kaliso, a Gear that was processed by the Locust. With other Gears looking on and cheering, she tortured the Drone with a knife while Baird asked it questions. Eventually, Marcus Fenix arrived, and told Bernie to shoot the Drone. She asked for a reason, to which Marcus responded that it would give her back pain the next day. Bernie agreed, pulling out her sidearm and shooting the Drone in the back of the head.[1]



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