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Old Man Mercy
Biographical information

Mercy, Tyrus

Date of birth

Unknown; Before Emergence Day

Date of death

17 A.E.

Physical description and equipment




Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information


"How the hell should i know what it is? It's, it's it's-it's some kinda fever. People started burnin' up, screamin' and fightin', turnin' crazy. And I'm damned if I'm gonna turn up like that, like some rabid dog, not even human no more!"
— The Unidentified Stranded Old Man, responding to Dominic Santiago's question after he asked if the town had an epidemic

This unidentified Stranded, also called Crazy Old Man by Samantha Byrne, was one of the last non-mutated survivors living in the town of Mercy during the Lambent Pandemic. He became very paranoid and even started to lose his mind a little after the citizens of the city started to mutate from the constant Imulsion exposure.


Lambent PandemicEdit


One of the explosive charges placed by the old man on the Imulsion pipeline.

Mercy EpidemicEdit

Seventeen years after Emergence Day, during the Lambent Pandemic, the town of Mercy was a busy Stranded camp with people coming in to trade goods. However, the town's people started to get sick and started to mutate into Formers due to constant exposure to Imulsion. The old man believed it to be some sort of fever; he saw many of the town's people start to turn into Formers. After seeing so many people get sick, he started to get more and more paranoid, believing that the only way to stop the sickness from spreading was to blow the Imulsion pipeline that ran through the city; so he took it upon himself to destroy it.[1]


The crazy old man found dead in the sewers by Delta.

Mission to MercyEdit

"Get your hands off those goddamn charges!"
— The Unidentified Stranded to Delta Squad after they disarmed three of the charges he placed on the Imulsion pipeline

Four months later, he placed multiple charges on the imulsion pipeline that ran through the town and set them to detonate via motion tracking. When Delta Squad arrived in the town looking to acquire some refined Imulsion to fuel a submarine, they quickly realized the town was virtually empty. The squad of Gears deactivated the charges on the pipeline and, once they got too close, the old man fired on them and yelled for them to stop deactivating the charges he had set. Marcus Fenix asked the old man if he was the one who sabotaged the pipeline, with the old man explaining that he had to stop the sickness from spreading. Dominic Santiago then inquired if there had been an epidemic in the town. The old man tried to explain what had happened but then started to get more and more anxious. Marcus then tried to offer help to the old man, but the old man struggled and tried to run away yelling that it was too late for him and that they should leave him alone. The old man ran to the sewers of the town, where he was attacked and killed by a female Former. His body would later be found by Delta when they finally caught up to him.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit



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