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Biographical information

Hanover, Tyrus

Date of birth

Unknown; Before Emergence Day

Physical description and equipment




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Eye color


  • Spotlight
Chronological and political information


"Hey, it's the COG coming to civilize us! Oh, whoopee!"
— The Stranded Guard's reaction after seeing the group of Gears approach the Stranded camp

This unidentified Stranded guard was a lookout for one of the Hanover Stranded camps. He had a strong dislike for Gears, mocking any that passed by.


Lambent PandemicEdit


The Stranded Guard making fun of and mocking the Gear Squad.

Mission to HanoverEdit

"Some. You can try the warehouse down at the pier. Or the stadium. 'Course, you gotta get past all the glowies first, but you hairy assed heros can breeze through all that shit."
— The Stranded Guard, replying about other Stranded camps to Augustus Cole

Seventeen years after Emergence Day, during the Lambent Pandemic, this Stranded Guard was keeping lookout at the entrance to a Stranded camp near a Auto & Tire Center when a Gear Squad consisting of Augustus Cole, Damon Baird, Samantha Byrne and Clayton Carmine came by looking to trade supplies. The Stranded Guard put the spotlight on the group of Gears telling them to step into the light slowly. He also threatened them by saying if they tried anything, they would get their heads blown off. Cole tried to reason with the Guard to try and trade supplies with them, which the Guard replied by mocking the Gears and stating that even if they did have any food they wouldn't trade it to them. He then started to look over Sam and made a rude remake about trading some bacon for her. Cole refused, then asked if he knew of any other Stranded camps in the area. The Guard stated that there was one by the warehouses near the pier and one at Cougars Stadium but that they would have to get past a lot of Lambent creatures between here and there. He then made one final mocking comment to the Gears before opening up a garage door to let them get by, laughing the whole while as the Gears left the area.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Stranded Guard, as he's listed in the games credits, was voiced by Chirs Edgerly.[2]



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