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Unknown; Before Emergence Day

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Coalition of Ordered Governments

"Finally got my own Raven, man, I'm totally stoked! KR-59. I like that number too... it's a lucky one. Five like a fist, nine like cats have lives.

Allways told 'em I'd be flying up there, was getting sick of the infantry crap. Gets crazy down there, smells like hell, never get a shower or nothing. Up there, in the sky, I'm gonna soar, man... no one flies like me. Sarge even said so, and he's been fighting since... well forever, basically. Said I just gotta keep my eyes peeled for Nemacyst.

Locust better start saying their prayers...'cause they got a devil in the skywatching down on 'em.
— Pvt. Dylan Murphy mentioning the Sergeant

This Sergeant was a member of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps and was Pvt.Dylan Murphy's superior.


Training Dylan MurphyEdit

This veteran Sergeant was a veteran who was trained Pvt.Dylan Murphy in flying a King Raven, and was impressed with Murphy's piloting skills. He did warn Murphy to watch out for Nemacysts, but Murphy did not take the Sergeant's warning to heart, and was killed.[1]


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