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Unidentified Sapper
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Unknown; Before Emergence Day

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Coalition of Ordered Governments

"By not sleeping. How the fuck do you think the city keeps running when the grubs trash the water mains?"
— The unidentified sapper cussing out Federic Rojas after he wondered how the sappers had been able to pack up the North Gate Agricultural Depot

The Unidentified Sapper was a member of the COG Engineering Corps.


Evacuation of North GateEdit

This sapper worked at the North Gate Agricultural Depot and his commanding officer was Staff Sergeant Lennard Parry. He, along with the rest of the Corps, worked all night to load all the trucks in the compound. When Federic Rojas expressed his amazement at how the sappers were able to pack so quickly, the sapper cussed him out and said they did it without sleeping. As he walked away, Marcus Fenix ran up and gave him some ration bars to show the Gears appreciation of the sappers work.[1]


  1. Gears of War: Aspho Fields pg 129-130

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