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"Shit. They don't look shipwrecked to me."
— The unidentified Onyx Guard, after spotting a Locust Barge near the Maelstrom barrier

This unidentified Onyx Guard was part of the Elite Onyx Guard. He along with most of the Onyx Guard were reassigned to Azura during the Locust War to protect the scientists and resources housed on the island. He was part of the deck crew for KR Zero-Five serving as their door gunner.


Locust WarEdit

A few years after Emergence Day this Onyx Guard was transferred to Azura secretly along with most of the Onyx Guard forces to protect the scientists and resources housed there. They were also meant to be the secret last line of defence against the Locust Horde.

Lambent PandemicEdit

KR Zero Five

The unidentified Onyx Guard noticing a Locust barge just outside the Maelstrom.

Naval Shipyard ReconnaissanceEdit

"There's something out there."
"You want to take a look?"
"Better safe then sorry.
— The unidentified Onyx Guard and the Pilot of KR Zero-Five talking about taking a look at something the Gear say

Two years after the fall of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, KR Zero-Five was going some recognizance around fifteen kilometres off the shore of Azura, with the Onyx Guard aboard sitting at the mounted Chain Gun on the King Raven. After scouting around the Onyx Guard saw something and reported it to the pilot who replied by asking if he wanted to take a better look, to which the Onyx Guard better safe then sorry. The pilot then flew in and once the got close enough the Onyx Guard realized it was a Locust Barge being pulled by a small Leviathan with two Drones on it. He was very surprised after seeing it, believing that all the Locust were shipwrecked after the sinking of Jacinto City. KR Zero-Five the reported the sighting to the Azura CIC and requested that the Maelstrom barrier be lowered so they could get by.[1]

Second Battle of AzuraEdit

Presumably the unidentified Onyx Guard was killed during the Second Battle of Azura due to Adam Jonathon Fenix stating that he was the only one left alive after Queen Myrrah ordered the locust to kill anyone that wasn't wearing a lab coat.[2]



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