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Jilane Massacre


Second Battle of Jilane

Undidentified M.O.U.T.

Locust War




minor COG victory



Locust Horde


Sgt.Marcus Fenix




"Like everything in the COG army, there's an acronym for street fighting: M.O.U.T. "Military Operations in Urban Terrain." We just know it means close, personal, and higher casualties. In the Pendulum Wars, some guys couldn't take it. Black outs, freaks outs, suicides. You didn't give 'em shit because its might be you someday. To win M.O.U.T. battles, you need numbers, the manuals advise three to one odds to beat an entrenched urban force. If we're lucky the odds might be three to one day--against."
— Dom on urban warfare.

This Unidentified M.O.U.T. battle was a minor skirmish in a unidentified city between the COG and the Locust Horde.

Order of BattleEdit

Search and DestroyEdit

Foxtrot and Delta-One were ordered to search the city block by block for any Locust activity. Foxtrot was able to plug up an Emergence Hole on one street, and moved onto 6th and LaCroix. But the Locust reemerged pinned Delta-One pinned down. They called for assistance from Foxtrot, who came running back to help. Gus reported to Delta that they had found a sniper nest, but could not get to it because of Tickers. Sgt.Alex Brand was able to climb ontop of some rubble, and jump over to the sniper nest. She blew up one of the Tickers, which set off a chain reaction that destroyed the sniper nest. Delta was then able to defeat the remaining Locust.[1]


After the battle, the members of Delta were surprised to learn Alex was a woman. Alex was later reassigned to Delta for a mission to Jilane City to investigate an distress call from the old breeding farms.[1]


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