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"Now we've got Reavers up our ass!"
— The unidentified KR pilot, informing Captain Paul Dury on there current deteriorating situation

This unidentified King Raven pilot was a member of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps, he piloted KR Zero-Four. He along with an Onyx Guard were sent on a reconnaissance from Azura to the mainland during the Lambent Pandemic.


Lambent PandemicEdit


The unidentified KR pilot flying KR Zero-Four to Endeavor Naval Shipyard.

Naval Shipyard ReconnaissanceEdit

"KR-04 to Dury, enamy contact at Endeavour. The Grubs have moved in. And it looks like a whole damn Locust army. They're organized again, sir."
— The unidentified KR pilot, reporting to Cap. Dury about the large Locust presence at Endeavour

Two years after the fall of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, this pilot would fly KR Zero-Four from Azura to the mainland to do regular reconnaissance with a Onyx Guard on board. During one recon mission while flying by Endeavor Naval Shipyard he was able to only see dead Lambent Stalks and no new living Lambent mutations. He then informed the Onyx Guard aboard that they should check the naval base again before they departed, stating that the Stranded had probably stripped it of all resources. The Onyx Guard informed him that there was still a lot of metal left lying around and that they should go in a little lower. The pilot then asked if he had seen anything, the Onyx Guard replied that he wasn't sure and inferred if the cranes were in a different position then the last time they recon'd the area. Getting a bad feeling the pilot told the Onyx Guard to get on the Chain Gun just incase. The Onyx Guard then noticed a Drone moving crates and panicked by yelling at the pilot to get out of the area. The pilot managed to ascend fast enough to avoid an ambush by a large group of Drones and Sniper Drones. He radioed back to Azura, incoming Captain Paul Dury that they encountered an armies worth of Grubs at Endeavor Naval Shipyard and that they were organized again after the sinking of Jacinto City. Dury replied by stating that it put the Locust Horde way to close to Azura, but before he continued the pilot interrupted him stating that they were being chased by Reavers. Dury informed the pilot to make sure they didn't track him back to the island, with the pilot replying that he would try his best to shack them.[1]

Eventually KR Zero-Four made it back to the island unscathed, but unbenounced to the pilot and the Onyx Guard two Reavers managed to follow them back but were stopped by the Maelstrom.[2]



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