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Biographical information
Date of birth

Before Emergence Day

Physical description and equipment






Hair color


  • Several Pouches
  • Radio
  • White flag
Chronological and political information

Pendulum Wars

Notable Facts
  • Major in the UIR Army
"I give you my word."
"Nice try, COG. But Deschenko would never surrender."
"The game's changed, Major--call your HQ. Do it.
— The Indie Major believing that the Captain of C Company was trying to trick him with claims that the UIR had surrendered

This Major was in command of an Indie mortar team located in the Independent Republic of Furlin near a small town by a few cliffs. His unit attacked the C Company 26th Royal Tyran infantry a few minutes after the Union of Independent Republics and Coalition of Ordered Governments had ordered a ceasefire between the two armies.


Pendulum WarsEdit

UIR Surrender

The Indie Major signalling the surrender of him and his men to C Company.

Cliffside AmbushEdit

During the last year of the Pendulum Wars, this Indie Major was in charge of a UIR Infantry mortar team stationed in the Independent Republic of Furlin near a small town beside some cliffs. A few minutes after the UIR and COG called a ceasefire, the Indie Major ordered a mortar attack on the C Company 26th Royal Tyran infantry who was passing through the area. While attacking the Gear company, multiple stray mortar shells hit the town below, causing severe damage. The Captain of C Company contacted the Indie Major over the radio trying to convince him that the war was over and that the Union of Independent Republics had surrendered to the Coalition of Ordered Governments. But the Indie Major didn't believe the Captain's claims, instead believing that the Gear was trying to trick him, stating that Yori Deschenko would never surrender. Frustrated, the Gear Captain told the Indie Major in a very serious tone that things had changed and that he should contact his HQ. While the Indie Major and Gear Captain talked over the radios, the Indie mortar team shot off a couple more rounds at C Company, one of which killed Novak. But soon after their chat, the Indie Major ordered his men to cease fire until he got everything sorted out with HQ.

Three hours later, word of the Armistice between the UIR and COG had gotten around to the Indie Major and his men; the Major then removed his helmet and pulled out a white flag. He started to walk towards the Gear Company, signalling that he and his men were surrendering to them and that the battle was indeed over.[1]



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