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Biographical information


Date of birth

Before Emergence Day

Date of death

15th Brume, 2 B.E.[1]

Physical description and equipment






Hair color

Dirty Blonde

Eye color


  • Grenades
  • UIR Assault Rifle
  • UIR Pistol
Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
"Oh God... Mommy... I'm so sorry!"
— The Indie soldier's dying words

This unidentified Indie soldier was part of the Union of Independent Republics Infantry and fought at the Battle of Aspho Fields. He was shot and fatally wounded by Tai Kaliso, however Tai gave comfort to him just before succumbing from his wounds. His body was then used as a Meat Shield by Tai which allowed him to kill two other UIR soldiers.


Pendulum WarsEdit

UIR Pistol2

The Indie soldier's dead body being used as a Meat Shield by Tai.

Battle of Aspho FieldsEdit

"Oh, please...just...just want to...UNHG...see...see my family again..."
— The Indie soldier as he laid on the ground dying

Two years before Emergence Day during the final years of the Pendulum Wars, this Indie soldier was stationed at Aspho Fields. He took part in the Battle of Aspho Fields against the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army. During the battle, he, along with another Indie soldier, started to fire upon Gear soldier Tai Kaliso, but Tai managed to shoot and hit both of them. He was shot in the side by the Gear while the other Indie soldier was shot in the neck, instantly being decapitated. The Indie soldier fell down to the ground, dropping his assault rifle in pain due to the hit he took to the side by the Gear's Mk 1 Lancer Assault Rifle. As he lay on the ground dying, Tai walked over towards him menacingly holding out his tribal knife. Bleeding out, he started to cough up blood and began panicking, not wanting to die because he wanted to see his family again.

Instead of finishing him off like he planned, Tai decided to kneel beside him and helped the Indie soldier take off his helmet, comforting the dying man. The Indie soldier using his remaining strength trying to say that he was sorry to his mother, but before he could finish he succumbed to his wound and died. Tai listened to his final words and comforted him by telling him that his family already knew and that he should be at peace. After he had passed away, Tai started to slowly reach for the Indie soldier's sidearm.

Seconds later, Tai noticed two other UIR soldiers about to charge him. He lifted the Indie soldier's body up and used it as a Meat Shield to protect himself from their gunfire. Tai would then use the Indie soldier's mangled body and pistol to attack the two other UIR soldiers. Getting direct hits on both of them, Tai then leaped over a wall and through the remains of the Indie soldier he was carrying on top of the two other UIR soldiers.[2]


The Indie soldier thinking of his family while Tai looms over him.

Personality and TraitsEdit

This Indie soldier cared about his family deeply, enough that before he succumbed to his wounds, all he wanted to do was to see them again. He especially cared about his mother; in his final words, he apologized to her for not being able to come home.

The Indie soldier used a custom UIR Assault Rifle with a black and white checkered detailing pattern on it.[2]



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