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Ilima City, Tyrus

Date of birth


Date of death

Roughly 10 A.E.

Physical description and equipment




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Chronological and political information
"Just remember, little one. In life, there will always be struggle. Such is the nature of things. But in life, there is also hope, and happiness."
Tai Kaliso, to the young child ager he hands him his Thrashball ball

This Unidentified civilian boy child lived in the city of Ilima around ten years after Emergence Day.


Evacuation of IlimaEdit

Roughly ten years after Emergence Day, the citizens of Ilima had begun evacuating the city due to an impending Kryll Storm that was headed towards them. This boy was making his way to an Armadillo APC while the Gear soldier kneeling inside gestured him to come inside. Zeta-Six squad member Tai Kaliso lifted the boy into the APC while Alicia Valera observed, as he was lifted the boy dropped his Thrashball ball. Tai bent over and picked it up for him, wile handing it back to the boy Tai noticed that the boy looked a bit sad and scared so he tried to cheer him up by reassuring him that even though things looked bad that there was still hope and happiness in life. This made the boy a bit happier, the boy and Gear then went inside the APC and started to leave. However, as the APC started to backed up a Corpser emerged from a large Emergence Hole behind them knocking the vehicle on its side. The Corpser then grabbed the APC and dragged it into the E-hole killing the Gear and the boy.[1]


The Boys character model.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Originally the boys ball would have been a collectable, it was later decided it would be its own separate achievement when you picked it up. However the idea never made it into the final version of the campaign.[2][3]
  • This boy is the second child character to appear in a Gears of War game, the first being an unnamed child in Franklin's Outpost in the original Gears of War.



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