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"Anyone near the lift controls? Raise the deck lift!"
"You got it, Fenix.
Marcus Fenix and the Unidentified Gear, aboard the Sovereign

This Unidentified Gear soldier was stationed aboard the CNV Sovereign during the Lambent Pandemic, after the collapse of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.


Lambent PandemicEdit

UnnamedGear and Anya

Anya and the unidentified Gear chatting in front of the Captains Quarters.

Return of PrescottEdit

A few months after leaving Vectes island, aboard the CNV Sovereign this unidentified Gear was seen discussing something with Lt. Anya Stroud in the doorway to Captain Quentin Michaelson Quarters. Until he and Anya were interrupted by Marcus Fenix and the rest of the Rapid Response Force consisting of Dominic Santiago and Jace Stratton. As Anya explained the news of Richard Prescott's return to Marcus and his group the unidentified Gear left making his way into Michaelson's Quarters.[1]


The unidentified Gear raising the deck lift.

Attack on the SovereignEdit

When the CNV Sovereign came under attack by Lambent, Marcus went on his radio to see if anyone was able to raise one of the deck lifts so the Rapid Response Force could get to the Captain's office to help Chairman Richard Prescott and Captain Quentin Michaelson. The unknown Gear heard his message and made his way into the deck lift control room; he assisted Marcus by raising the deck for them so they could get by.[1]



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