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Date of birth

Before Emergence Day

Date of death

16 A.E.

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Notable Facts
  • Short hair with three small ponytails tied at the back
  • Multiple earrings on left ear
"Those stalks give me the creeps."
— The female Gear, after noticing that the ship was passing by some dead Stalks

This Unidentified Female Gear was stationed aboard the CNV Sovereign during the Lambent Pandemic, after the collapse of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.


Lambent PandemicEdit


The female Gear looking at the passing Lambent Stalks out of the ship's shutters.

Sailing through Lambent WatersEdit

Around sixteen years after Emergence Day, while aboard the CNV Sovereign the female Gear sat at one of the tables in the "entrainment room" fiddling with a Boltok Pistol. When Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago arrived in the room, noticing something outside she stopped fiddling with her Boltok and stood up making her way to the window shutters to see what it was. After taking a closer look she saw that the ship was passing by some Lambent Stalks, however after looking closer she noticed that they seemed to be dead stating that they gave her the creeps. With Oscar responding to her by stating that even when they're empty husks, he expects Polyps to spew out of them. She then made her way back to her table and started to fiddle with her Boltok again.[1]


The female Gear trying to extinguish the various fires on the deck with a fire extinguisher.

Attack on the CNV SovereignEdit

"Hey, get out of there! Those tanks are gonna blow!"
— Jace, trying to warn the female Gear to get away from the fuel tanks

After the Lambent started to attack the ship, the female Gear made her way to the crops and fuel tanks portion of the deck to help put out various fires with a Fire Extinguisher she had found. After a little while, Delta Squad arrived trying to help put out the fires on the deck by opening all the valves to the irrigation pumps. Once they made it closer to her, Jace Stratton yelled to her to get away from the fuel tanks she was near because the fire was about to spread to them. However she wasn't able to move away in time and was blown to pieces after the tanks were ignited by the flames. Shortly after her death, Jace was upset with himself that he wasn't able to warn her in time.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • This Female Gear and Faraday both share the same upper body character model piece.



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