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Junker UV

The UV Turret burning Kryll.

The Ultra-Violet Turret, usually shortened to UV Turret, is an extremely powerful ultra-violet light mounted on Franklin's Junker. It is the only weapon in-game that can kill Kryll. The turret is mounted on the back of the vehicle and is only used once in the campaign during the Act 2 chapter, Burnt Rubber. Against Kryll, it is devastating, capable of setting them alight instantly, sending them spiralling out of control and killing them. There is never a chance to test the turret against conventional Locust enemies. It is unlikely to kill them since, unlike the Kryll, they are not sensitive to light. However, because of their subterranean nature, Locust may be somewhat damaged or blinded by the intense light and radiation that they have never experienced before. In real life, the initials "UV" stand for Ultraviolet, a type of light invisible to the naked eye that is emitted by the Sun. The Kryll may burst into flames because they have no natural defense against UV radiation. To humans, UV light is sensed heat as it is a form of radiation.


The UV Turret is effective against groups of Kryll when fired from a distance, but its lack of aiming mobility means Kryll that get close to the vehicle are much harder to hit. As well as this, firing the turret prevents Laverne from accelerating by diverting power away from the engines to use for itself. If lone Kryll make it too close to the Junker, an effective tactic is to simply divert power back to the engines and drive away, then switch to the Turret again and take the Kryll out from afar.


  • The UV Turret bears a resemblance to the 'spotlight' used to move Dom across one of the unlit streets towards the end of the Act 2: Nightfall chapter, Lethal Dusk. This is perhaps an intentional re-use of the original 3D model.


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