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UIR occupation of Vasgar

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Battle of Shavad

UIR occupation of Vasgar

Pendulum Wars


17 B.E.

  • UIR occupation and captured of iron mines[1]



Acting president of Vasgar


Single police roadblock[4]

  • None reported
  • None reported
"Vasgar’s President Ilim is facing a vote of no confidence after his administration failed to agree to budget measures with the opposition Unity party. Meanwhile, on Vasgar’s southern border, the dispute with the UIR over gas supplies to—"
— News broadcast from Vasgar.

The UIR occupation of Vasgar occurred around 17 B.E., when president Ilim of Vasgar failed to solved a budget crisis over Imusion prices with a southern UIR neighbor.[5] The opposition party Unity party brought a vote of no confidence against president llim which would likely pass. In responses llim resigns and leading to a constitutional crisis.[6] The UIR would invade Vasgar drastically changing the political status of the Eastern Central Massif region.


President llim’s fall and occupationEdit

"It is in the best interests of the region to have a stable and secure Vasgar. For that reason, and that reason alone, the Union of Independent Republics will send a peacekeeping force to provide support and protection for the Vasgari people to enable them to resolve their constitutional crisis without foreign interference."
— Daniel Vari, Chairman of the Union of Independent Republics, in the 62nd year of the Pendulum Wars

Vasgar a nation that was unaligned during the Pendulum Wars. Vasgar wad depended on Imuslion from Kaskur an COG nation and a southern UIR nation that had a dispute over Imuslion payment.[7] President llim’s administration was not able to balance the budget with lead the Unity party to bring him to a vote of no confidence. The crisis brought the natural nation to the international stage, with the COG worried that the UIR would open another front on Kashkur, with an already bloody front on the Kashuir western border. President llim would resigned instead of facing the vote of no confidences, a constitutional crisis arises from the resignation leaving an acting president in charge. The UIR eventually sent a peacekeeping force, to “support” and “protect” the Vasgari people. The Furlin third infantry would advance across Vasgar heading into southern Kashkur, hitting both Shavad and Anvil Gate. The COG responses was to shutdown the Imulsion supply to Vasgar, leaving millions without power and effetely shutting down the whole nation while making it difficult for the UIR army to resupply.[8]


With the fall of Vasgar and the only oppositions was from a police chief from Oskeny who set up a policeroad block that was unable to stop the Indie army. The UIR forces attacked Shavad and Anvil Gate, causing heavy casualties for the COG. Anvil Gate was able to holdout the siege and take over 200 Indie soldiers, but Shavad was not able to be hold from the advancing Indie army.


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