The bridge of a vessel in the Third Fleet, with several other vessels visible through the viewports.

The UIR Third Fleet was a naval fleet in the Union of Independent Republics Navy. The fleet was made up of vessels from several different UIR countries, including the Republic of Gorasnaya, the Ostri Republic, the Pelles, and Lauczi.



A vessel in the Third Fleet being destroyed by the Hammer of Dawn.

Battle of BonbourgEdit

In the 80th year of the Pendulum Wars, the Third Fleet was deployed to the coastal city of Bonbourg in the Ostri Republic, which had been taken by COG forces. They began bombarding the city, pinning down the Gears within. However, the fleet was then hit by a beam from the COG's Hammer of Dawn orbital platforms, which sank four ships and forced the fleet to retreat. Two weeks later, the fleet's commander informed the rest of the fleets' captains that the UIR was surrendering to the COG, causing Commander Miran Trescu of the Zephyr to withdraw his vessel from the fleet and return to the Republic of Gorasnaya.[1]

Known VesselsEdit


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