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UIR Soldiers

UIR Soldiers in Full Armor.

The Union of Independent Republics Infantry was outfitted in armor similar to that of COG. However it was unique in its design. It had a rounder chest plate without the famous COG Seals. It also incorporates a drastically different, skull-like Helmet. The UIR armor has red lights on it instead of the Blue of the COG.

Armor TypesEdit

The UIR infantry is equipped with various types of armor. UIR armor types often define the region of Battalions or Regiments of Indies.

Standard Issue ArmorEdit

The Most common type of armor in the UIR is the Standard issue Green Armor. It has 'UIR' stamped on the right side of the semi-conical chest plate, and the Emblem of the UIR is found on the left Bicep, and back pack sections of the armor. Some variants include a clip-on point for the Standard Issue UIR combat Knife, this is most likely reserved for Squad leaders. The back packs of the armor serves as an ammunition pouch for the belt-fed rifle used by the infantry.

Uir Soldier

A UIR Helmet


Apposed to the rounded helmet of the COG with the two eye-pieces side-by-side, The UIR Helmet features a more Skull-like appearance with a large eye-piece on the right, and two smaller eye-pieces mounted vertically on the left, however there are different variants. The Helmet is also connected to the rest of the armor by ribbed tubing.

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