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Tyrus was a nation on Sera. It housed the headquarters of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Its capital was the city of Ephyra, with Jacinto also lying within the nation's territory. The Fenix and Santiago families both lived in Tyrus. Tyrus contributed the 26th Royal Tyran infantry to fight in the Battle of Aspho Fields during the Pendulum Wars. The inhabitants of Tyrus are the Tyran.


Early HistoryEdit

Tyrus was apparently ruled by a monarchy at one time, and even had queens.[1] At some point during the Era of Silence Tyrus transformed into a republic and experienced great development. The country was able to retain its economic integrity during the Gold Rush and began to expand its sphere of influence worldwide.[citation needed]

Founding Member of the COGEdit

Tyrus, being the home of the Allfather prime Nassar Embry, was the nation that the Coalition of Ordered Governments was founded in. The ideology of the COG was based on that of Alexiy Desipich, and particularly his Austere Canon. The Octus Canon was signed by the Allfathers, which brought the COG into formal existence. Starting as a minor political party.[2] It would soon become a powerhouse of the COG nations. The Chairman of the COG, was based in Ephyra city in the House of Sovereigns, both the capital of Tyrus and the COG.[citation needed]

Pendulum WarsEdit

After the end of the Gold Rush and beginnings of the Pendulum Wars, Tyrus governed the military strategy of the war against the UIR. Being based on Jacinto Plateau, Tyrus was not only a fortress but the symbol of the Coalition ideals. Many important buildings where based in Tyrus like Allfathers Library, Ginnet Mausoleum, Octus Tower, and Tomb of the Unknowns. Tyrus had some of the most beautiful cities like Jacinto City.[2] After the short end of the Pendulum Wars, the COG controlled all of Sera, except for a few Indie nations that refused to surrender.[3]

Tyrus did have a diplomatic mission with the Ostri Republic.[4] Tyrus likely had embassies and consulates in most of the World's nations. However relations with the Republic of Gorasnaya remained tense even through the Locust War.[citation needed]

Locust WarEdit

After the sudden attack from the Locust Horde on E-Day, Tyrus remained the center of the COG, as it tried to drive back the Locust. For next year under Chairman Tomas Dalyell, the COG fought a losing battle with one nation after an other falling to the Horde. When Dalyell dying from a sudden heart attack,[3] the Council of Sovereigns elected Deputy Chairman Richard Prescott as the new Chairman. Under his leadership the COG began to unfold, with Pelles under Premier Deschenko refusing to help Tyrus due to the Fall of Ostri, and with only the South Islands willing to support his counteroffensive into the heart of Locust controlled territory, which was in southern Tyrus itself. Chairman Prescott, under pressure from the front of the Tyra River, ordered orbital satellites to destroyed all Locust occupied territory, killing millions of Coalitions soldiers and civilians as well as any Locust soldier on the surface. Despite the Jacinto Plateau, part of Tyros, being the only part of Sera's surface to avoid being destroyed, the nation of Tyrus was most likely dissolved in the aftermath of this event, making the COG the last functioning government on Sera.[citation needed]


Tyrus had one of the most impressive armed forces of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. They contributed many divisions to fight in the Pendulum Wars and thereby had a lot of control over the direction of the conflicts. Tyrus retained a lot of traditional aspects of their military after becoming a republic such as the 26th RTI and the Onyx Guard. Tyrus also produced much of the Coalition's military equipment. Many Tyrans had served in the military both voluntary and during the more pressing times of the Pendulum and Locust wars as conscripts.[citation needed]


Tyrus had one of the largest and most advanced economies in the world. Institutions and infrastructure established during the Era of Silence had put it at the forefront of global power. The presence of Imulsion reserves, on the coastline and around the border with Kashkur, had enable Tyrus to remain monetarily steadfast through the Gold Rush. However, apparent imports were still required from countries like Dushin, Kashkur, and Sarfuth. Despite the COG's influence in several financial affairs, Tyrus had a strong private sector with markets ranging from small local shops to massive international companies. Recognizable aspects of markets existed in Tyrus such as shopping malls. Mass transportation and communication capabilities enabled Tyrus to effectively manage the Pendulum Wars while improving their citizens' livelihoods. Tyrus excelled in technology and education, being the home of many schools, universities, and research centers both civilian and military oriented. The average standard of living was relatively high, but some Tyrans lived in poverty while others were billionaires who lived in grander.[citation needed]


Tyrus was defined by a very vibrant culture before the Locust War. Being a wealthy and developed nation many of their citizens enjoyed a high standard of living compared to other the countries of Sera. A lot of pride was vested in the Tyran Military although some disagreed with the institution's actions. Sports, predominately Thrashball, were a popular pastime for Tyran citizens. Besides Nassar Embry, national heroes and icons included Marcus Fenix and Augustus Cole. Many buildings in Tyrus were of fine, stone architecture. Tyrans were a diverse ethnicity, but were more often socially segregated by economic standing rather than race. However, xenophobia existed against people from UIR nations and later for Stranded.[citation needed]



The Tyran city of Halvo Bay burning during the Locust War.



Geographic LocationsEdit


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