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The Tyro Pillar[1][2] was a Mag-lev train carrying the Lightmass Bomb in Act 5: Desperation, of Gears of War. The train is astoundingly fast and was later infested with Locust. Presumably, before Emergence Day, it was a commercial train, carrying passengers and cargo due to the variety and quantity of carriages that it pulls and the very size of the vehicle. The front of the train carried a Lightmass Bomb and the now deceased Locust General, RAAM.

Act 5: DesperationEdit

In the PC version of Gears of War, Anya Stroud updates Delta squad on the status of the Tyro Pillar while they try to reach Timgad Station. It is during this time that Locusts attack, board, and hijack the Tyro Pillar. By the end of the Jurassic Proportions, Delta is informed they are going to have to jump on the stolen train as it passes through the station.

As the train hurtled past Timgad Station, only Marcus and Dom managed to jump aboard the train before it passed, leaving Baird and Cole no choice but to board KR Eight-Zero with Hoffman, and pursue the train. Whilst aboard, Marcus and Dom had to contend with all of their deadliest enemies, including the encounter of a Berserker at the train's caboose.

After defeating the giant beast and many other Locust soldiers, the duo eventually reached the 8th carriage, in which they were forced to take out pursuing Reavers by using the carriage mounted Chain Guns (the COG version of the Locust Troika).

After quelling the flying beasts, the pair eventually made it to the very front of the speeding train, and confronted the Locust General, RAAM, who stood between them and the Lightmass Bomb, into which they had to load the Nav Data. After a terrific and epic battle, the pair defeated the General and loaded the data, escaping the train in the nick of time by boarding the King Raven with Cole, Baird, and Hoffman. Free of all of its human passengers, the massive train, along with the body of General RAAM, then flew off a destroyed bridge and plummeted into the lake of Imulsion below, successfully allowing the Lightmass Bomb to launch and detonate inside the Locust tunnels and ultimately achieve the COG's primary goal. The bomb was later found to have destroyed the majority of the kryll breeding grounds and awoke the Rift Worm.


The Tyro Pillar, or a similar Mag-lev train, on the map Tyro Station.


  • An unidentified Mag-lev train, possibly Tyro Pillar, is a map hazard on the map Tyro Station. Traveling in a loop, it periodically passes the station, crushing anyone unfortunate enough to be on the tracks at the time.
Mag-lev concept

Concept art of a Mag-lev train, possibly Tyro Pillar. Notice the "Ephyra Departure 2:05pm" on the electronic sign.


  • Though the Tyro Pillar is a Mag-lev train, if you listen carefully during the cinematic that plays after killing RAAM, the train makes sounds similar to a fast-moving steam locomotive.
  • In Gears of War Ultimate Edition, the Tyro Pillar can be seen several times throughout Act 2, though it appears to be a bit smaller then the one in Act 5


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