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Troubled Past is the prologue of the first act of Gears of War 3.


Troubled Past

Troubled Past.

The prologue starts with Marcus Fenix sitting on a prison bed which is surrounded by Lambent Polyps and is suddenly rescued by Anya Stroud in a similar way Dominic Santiago rescues him from the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison. After the player gains control over Marcus, they have to walk into a corridor which opens and shows a short cinematic of Adam Fenix talking to his son. After the scene ends, the player has to fight some Locust, including a pair of Boomers and a Corpser. After some time, a third cutscene will begin with a King Raven getting downed by the Locust and crashing into a tower and the debris appear to kill Adam before the chapter ends.


  • COG Tags: To find this collectible, the only thing you have to do is kick the door to the right of your cell; you will find the tag lying on the floor.


  • Upon completing the prologue, you will unlock the "Marcus, It's Your Father" achievement.
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