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"The Queen makes strong drones, drones secure Nexus, Nexus covers the Queen"
— Locust translation of the Trinity of Worms[1]

The Trinity of Worms is the Locust Holy Symbol that contains the verse on the three Rift Worms, and how one was "awakened" and used to destroy the cities of Tollen, Montevado, and Ilima.

Trinity of Worms (Artifact)Edit

Baird here.

Just found an artifact that looks exactly like the glyph on the back of that lovely skin scroll.

From other writings I've found, I think I've pieced it together: This is something called the 'Trinity of Worms,' and it's probably the closest thing I've seen yet to a Locust religious symbol. They really worship worms. We so do not deserve to be alive.

As far as I can tell, there's some kind of mantra on the artifact, about the queen making drones, drones protecting Nexus... and I'll have to work out that last part a little later. I don't work well under gunfire.[2]


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