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"The Queen makes strong drones, drones secure Nexus, Nexus covers the Queen"
— Locust translation of the Trinity of Worms[1]

The Trinity of Worms is the religion and holy symbol of the Locust Horde.


In ancient times of Sera, a species of Riftworms burrowed beneath the surface and thus created the Hollows, a network of underground tunnels in the deep underground. Due to the fertile soil produced by the Riftworms, they created life in the Hollows as well. At some point, at least one of the Riftworms became dormant. According to ancient Locust scripture, the humans of Sera once made contact with the Riftworms. The time and matter of it is unknown.

Around the start of the Pendulum Wars, the Coalition of Ordered Governments discovered a sickness in humans that came from mining the newly discovered Imulsion. The New Hope Research Facility was created to study and cure the effects of the sickness known as Rustlung and later Lambency. Niles Samson, the director of New Hope, used genetic experimentation in order to cure the miners, but what resulted was the Sires, mutated, rabid humans, who would later give birth to the Locust Horde. The Locust believe the Sires were holy "incubators" of the Locust, evolved from the Riftworms.

After numerous leaks of their practices, New Hope was shut down by the C.O.G., putting the Sires in stasis and relocating their children, the Locust, as well as numerous scientists into the Hollows below Mount Kadar. Once settled into the Hollows, the Locust created the city of Nexus and developed a culture and religion revolving around their creators, the Riftworms. The Temple of the Worms was created in the Inner Hollows as the Kantus Priests, led by the Ketor, practice this religion. Among the practices in their religion is the inhalation of Imulsion fumes which apparently give prophetic visions.

During the Lambent War, many Locusts, including those in the Locust Council, struggled with their faith. Locusts such as Vold RAAM and Lead Scientist Ukkon believed that the "gods" either don't exist or are long dead and unable to aide in their war. Vrol, the Ketor during during the Lambent War, found the technological and biomechanical advancements of the Horde to be blasphemous, but those of the council dismissed his beliefs.

At some point in the Lambent conflict, Vrol banished Skorge from the Temple due to his radical visions of their people losing the war. While Skorge tried to persuade Vrol to see reason, but the Lambent soon attacked the Temple of the Worms due to RAAM and Karn's personal abandonment on the front lines to convince Queen Myrrah of invading the surface. The battle was won against the Lambent, and Ketor Vrol personally advocated for RAAM, Skorge, and Karn's presence before the Council and Queen.

The Locust eventually invaded the surface and began the Locust War against humanity. By 14 A.E., Skorge had become Ketor of the Kantus Monks. In that time, the C.O.G. army detonated the Lightmass Bomb during the Lightmass Offensive. While losing the Outer Hollows and many casualties, it also awoken the Riftworm. Skorge, using his knowledge in their religion, used the Riftworm against the humans and commanded it to sink the cities of Tollen, Montevado, and Ilima to weaken Jacinto's granite base and sink Jacinto City, thereby flooding the Hollows and killing the Lambent. During the sinking of Ilima, however, Delta Squad managed to infiltrate the Riftworm and kill it from the inside.

Trinity of Worms (Artifact)Edit

Baird here.

Just found an artifact that looks exactly like the glyph on the back of that lovely skin scroll.

From other writings I've found, I think I've pieced it together: This is something called the 'Trinity of Worms,' and it's probably the closest thing I've seen yet to a Locust religious symbol. They really worship worms. We so do not deserve to be alive.

As far as I can tell, there's some kind of mantra on the artifact, about the queen making drones, drones protecting Nexus... and I'll have to work out that last part a little later. I don't work well under gunfire.[2]


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