Trawlers were a type of civilian vessel used for fishing. After E-Day, the civilians on Pelruan began arming their trawlers to protect them from Stranded attacks. When the remnant of the COG returned to Vectes Naval Base, the COGN gave the civilian trawlers armed escorts and Gears.


Fifteen Years after E-DayEdit

By the fifteenth year of the Locust War, the remnant of Jacinto relocated to the island of Vectes. After realizing that there was still a local population there, they sought to cooperate with them to work with each other to help rebuild humanity. Since they were living on an island, fishing was the ideal way to supply food to the population. Trawlers were used to collect fish in large quantities to supply food to the population. At one instance, a Trawler collected a certain type of fish, such as Oilfish; which is sometimes used as a sandwich filling. During this time when the local Stranded were more violent than the ones on the mainland, the trawler fleets were constantly under threat from Stranded raids. Thus, patrol boats such as the CNV Chancellor and the CNV Falconer were used to defend the trawlers, for maximum safety. Several trawlers were destroyed by Lambent sea creatures.

Known TrawlersEdit


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