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Trader V
Production information

Modified Gunboat[1]

Technical specifications

At least one machine gun[1]


Patrol boat


Darrel Jacques gang

The Trader V was a modified gunboat that was the flagship of the pirate Darrel Jacques.


Meeting on the High SeasEdit

Fifteen years after Emergence Day, Darrel Jacques used the Trader V to ambush two gunboats of the Lesser Islands Free Trade Area, in order to capture the LIFTA Chairman, Cormick Allam. The Trader V took some damage to its wheelhouse during the battle, but Jacques succeeded in capturing Allam and killing all his men. He tortured Allam for several hours aboard the Trader V until the COG showed up for a meeting with Allam. Jacques spoke with Captain Quentin Michaelson from the Trader V, and worked out a deal to have his forces and the COG avoid each other. He then executed Allam and had his body thrown off of the ship. The COG sent over a Marlin containing Jonn Massy, another member fo the LIFTA that Jacques wanted. He began torturing Massy as well, and the Trader V began to leave the meeting area. However, it was destroyed by a torpedo fired by the UIR submarine Zephyr, in revenge for Jacques raids on the Republic of Gorasnaya.[2]


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