Touchdown is the seventh chapter of the second act of Gears of War 3.


New enemies: 

The chapter starts with Gas Barges attacking you from the sides, take them out by blowing their ammunition boxes on board. After this several Reavers attack you by the sides, blow them up with your turrets before they take you down. Another Gas Barge attacks you by the right, with Reavers attacking on the front, after dealing with them another Barge appears in front of you, eliminate it before it crashes on you.

After finishing all the enemies you see several Siegebeasts and Locust heading to Anvil Gate, Marcus tries to warn the fort but only receives static. Suddenly Queen Myrrah and her escorts appear on the air, her Tempest starts to burn down your barge, you can't attack it as it's to fast to target, all you can do is avoid getting burned to death by its fire breath. You get a glimpse of Anvil Gate and Dizzy thinks you might make it, however the Tempest continues to attack you and the barge finally goes down. You crash down on the plains, the deck remains almost intact (along with you) while the barge blows up. Marcus asks if everyone's okay and Cole jokingly tells him he'll get back to him on that. Some lights spot you and Col. Hoffman along with several Gears aim you, Hoffman tells them to hold their fire and asks Marcus what was he doing in here, he tells him that the grubs were approaching and that they should get inside. You then get into a truck and the next chapter begins.


There are no collectibles in this chapter as you are inside the Gas Barge.


  • Upon completing this chapter, you will unlock the "Thanks For Flying GasBag Airways" achievement.
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