New WeaponsEdit

New EnemiesEdit


More mysteries found.

Walk forward with the squad until a point-of-interest trigger shows you the location of the Torque Bow. It's probably worth picking up. The path splits at the top of the hill and you're urged to follow the left branch. However, the game itself has no control over which path you take. It is really your choice which path, but both paths will follow the same strategy. Before long, you'll be introduced to a new enemy type. Take cover.


These new Locust soldiers called Theron Guards. They are tougher than usual, and many of them are armed with the same Torque Bow weapon you've got equipped. Be very careful against these guys, as one shot from the bow is enough to kill you on Hardcore and Insane. If you see an enemy readying the Torque Bow—you'll know it by the glowing dot that appears in front of them as well as the creepy whisper of the Theron that indicates he's loaded—stay crouched and wait for the shot to fire before peeking out to shoot back.


You'll want to start the battle from the area below the pump station, taking cover and taking shots when you can. When you've run out of targets, approach the ramp that leads up to the pump station but don't actually run up it. Instead, get close and then retreat to take cover—usually, enemy Locust will spawn and charge after you. If you plan for them to, you can lure them to an area that's advantageous for you. Also keep in mind that the Torque Bow enemies don't have a quick shot to fire. They're a perfect victim for your Chainsaw as they're reloading. But some are Lancer wielder so watch out.


When enemies stop coming down the ramp, make your way up to the pump station and slowly push towards the far end. Once you've cleared the station and regrouped with your squad, follow the point-of-interest trigger to activate an elevator and move on to the next act.


Activate the elevator to end the chapter.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • It was named Number 3 on Gears of War's "Top 5 Battles". [1]
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