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Gow timeline

A simplified timeline done by Epic Games.

This is a timeline of the history of Sera. The calendar designations are based on the year that Emergence Day occurred, with B.E. (Before Emergence) counting years before that event, and A.E. (After Emergence) counting years after that event.

Early Seran HistoryEdit

~5000 B.E.Edit

  • The nation of Pelles develops a voting system that utilized pottery shards around this time.[1]

~980 B.E.Edit

  • The nation of Gorasnaya begins its rise to power around this time.[2]

~980 - 480 B.E.Edit

  • The Silver Era is ongoing. The Kashkur Empire prospers while Gorasnaya continues to expand.
  • The fortress of Anvil Gate is built by the Kashkur Empire to guard the Anvegad Pass and defend the empire's southern regions from invaders seeking to plunder its cities and silver mines.[3]
    • The city of Anvegad is later built around Anvil Gate.

~480 B.E.Edit

  • Gorasnaya becomes a formidable empire. At its greatest extent, it encompasses over four hundred million people. Over the following centuries, Gorasnaya gradually declines, and is reduced to twenty million people by the start of the Pendulum Wars.[4]

~130 B.E.Edit

~117 B.E.Edit

  • The last recorded attempt by an army to fight through the Anvegad Pass occurs.[5]

~117 - 80 B.E.Edit

Pendulum WarsEdit

80 B.E.Edit

47 B.E.Edit

21 B.E.Edit

19 B.E.Edit

17 B.E.Edit

9 B.E.Edit

  • Elain Fenix dies in the Hollow; Adam Fenix tells most people, including his son, that she simply went missing.

4 B.E.Edit

3 B.E.Edit

2 B.E.Edit

0 B.E.Edit

Locust-Human WarEdit

Emergence DayEdit

E-Day PlusEdit

1 A.E.Edit

30th day of Bloom A.E 1Edit

  • Second battle of Jannermont leads to the invention of the Chainsaw Bayonet
  • COG enacts the Fortification Act and retreat to Jacinto Plateau.
  • Fall of Ostri, the Ostri Republic finally collapsed to the Locust Horde.
    • Premier Deschenko lost over twenty brigades of Gears and refused to send aid to Tyrus.
    • 30th Day of Bloom: Prescott announces the Hammer of Dawn counterattack and ordered all units and civilians to retreat to Jacinto Plateau.
  • Battle of Andius, the destruction of the city leads to miles long traffic jam for COG military units and refugees.
  • Ambush on Voslov Bridge during the retreated to Jacinto, the Locust Horde ambushed an armored convoy of Gear troops and wiped them out.
    • Marcus Fenix and his squadmates were able to retake the bridge and clear the way for civilian and military traffic at the loss of using the waterway for boats.
  • Thousands of Gears and civilians make it to Jacinto and overcrowding becomes a problem.
    • Three days after the announcement of the retreat to Jacinto, the COG begins using the "scorched earth" tactic on Sera to deny the Locust all valuable military assets. The Hammer of Dawn and chemical weapons destroyed 90% of Sera and leads to widespread environment damage and kills millions of civilians and soldiers along with any Locust outside the Hollows.

Post HoD strikesEdit

5 A.E.Edit

 9 A.EEdit

  • The Evacuation of Illima City takes place.

10 A.E.Edit

  • The Battle of Ephyra takes place.
  • During the battle, Marcus Fenix deserts his post in an attempt to save his father. He fails, and is sentenced to 40 years in prison.

14 A.E.Edit

15 A.E.Edit

  • The Stranded Insurgency on Vectes reaches a boiling point as COG forces push them out.
  • The Lambent surface and attack the Vectes settlement.

16 A.E.Edit

  • The Coalition of Ordered Governments is disbanded after Chairman Richard Prescott inexplicably leaves.[12]
    • Having lost any formal government, Seran civilization reverts to a tribal level, with civilians and Gears alike fending for themselves.

17 A.E.Edit

17-42 A.E.Edit

  • Since the end of the Locust War and Lambent invasion, the human population dropped to the hundred of thousands. After the war, COG forces would dump the remains of the Locust into mass graves across the Seran landscape. The COG reforms and along with army in a form of militias, established city states around Sera. Outside the walls of the city states, bands of Serans formed into clans and other close knit groups calling themselves the Outsiders, living outside COG's law and would openly raid COG territory for supplies. Son of legendary war hero Marcus Fenix, JD Fenix joins the COG militia and would go AWOL during the rise of the Swarm a new threat to the human race. [13]


  • A note on dates: No specific years are named in Gears of War. All dates are numbered as so many years before or after Emergence Day, B.E. and A.E. respectively. In addition, little is so far known about the Seran Calendar. As a result, the events recorded in the timeline are not given a specific date, only placed within a year. Events that take place in the same year should be listed in chronological order; however this is not always possible because of lack of references, and so the events may not always be in the right sequence.


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