Threshold is the fourth chapter of the fifth act of Gears of War 3.


After escaping some Lambent Stalks you enter another building and go upstairs, there's a collectible at a long room, call the elevators, Baird asks about Dom's death and has doubts about Adam's weapon but Cole and Marcus continue to tell him to have faith in it. After reaching the floor you can call the elevator again and find another collectible.

You start off at a building opposite of Pinnacle Tower. There is a large Locust force outside, bent to prevent you from reaching Adam Fenix. There are two paths, but you can pick which one you want to go with. There are Bloodmounts, Queen's Guards and an Armored Kantus regardless of your path. You will need to constantly move, as you cannot stay in one position and fight. This is because there is a Theron using a Mortar which will constantly try to kill you with it. Once you get past the forces, kill the Theron, and go to the entrance of Pinnacle Tower. 

The door is locked, so JACK needs to break it. There's a Mulcher nearby, and you might want to take it up, you can also take the Mortar from the Theron but it will have few rounds. The screen then violently rumbles (which means a Lambent attack), and two Stalks pop up, releasing Lambent Drones, Drudges and one or two Gunkers overall. Kill all the Lambent attackers, and JACK opens the door. You then barricade the door for some extra time to hold the Stalks off and the next chapter starts.


  • Memorial Announcement: Just after the chapter starts, you'll come to a long room with a bust on a stand at the end. Interact with the bust.
  • Announcement: After riding the elevator, turn around and hit the elevator call-button again. The elevator on the left will open, revealing the Announcement on its back wall.
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