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"Look, we didn't know we had any Gears on Galangi. We're not going to get any help from Ephyra if the Locust attack. None of the islands will. We're on our own. Can you organize a militia?"
— Thomas, asking Bernadette Mataki to help defend Galangi

Constable Thomas was a police officer on Noroa who served as a duty incident controller.


After Emergence DayEdit

A week after Emergence Day, Thomas was working in the Government House on Noroa when he was alerted by the telephone operator that a call had come in from Sgt.Bernadette Mataki on Galangi, who was looking for a way to get back to her unit in Ephyra. Thomas was surprised, because the government had thought that there were no Gears on Galangi. He took over the call from the operator, and he asked Bernie if she had gotten any recall orders. She said she hadn't, since the unit had no way of contacting her, and Thomas asked her to stay put on Galangi, and explained how they didn't know they had a Gear there. He told her they weren't going to get any help in case of a Locust attack, and asked if she could organize a militia to defend Galangi. Bernie said she could, and that most of the adults on Galangi were competent with shotguns. Thomas was relieved, and asked her to stay in contact with them, and that he would need a list of contact numbers and radio call signs from her. Bernie told him she would get on that, and signed off.[1]


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