Stalk Emergence at the Reservoir


Flooding of Pelruan

Third Battle of New Jacinto

Lambent Invasion


Bloom, 15 A.E.


New Jacinto, Vectes

  • Lambent repelled
  • Heavy civilian casualties
  • Decision to evacuate Vectes made
  • None
  • 10 Gears
  • At least 231 civilians
  • Hundreds more wounded
  • All

The Third Battle of New Jacinto took place in Bloom of 15 A.E. when several Lambent Stalks emerged within the city and inflicted heavy civilian casualties.

Order of BattleEdit

Stalk EmergenceEdit

When tremors were detected along the perimeter of New Jacinto, Lt.Donneld Mathieson sounded an alarm and contacted all call-signs, warning them to get to stand-to positions. As the Gears rushed to defensive positions, several King Ravens took to the air, and KR-239 reported to the ground forces that at least three Lambent Stalks were emerging in Block H in the center of the city. The Gears converged on the site as the civilians fled in panic as Polyps as well as other mutated Lambent creatures. Major Gill Gettner of KR Eight-Zero used her King Raven's bullhorn to warn civilians away from the area as Lt.Nat Barber provided covering fire to Gears. The streets were cleared as quickly as possible, but hundreds of civilians were overrun by Lambent creatures before they could reach safety. As the Lambent were destroyed, they converged on one street, but were swiftly cut down as every Gear involved in the fighting pursued them there.[1]


Once all of the Lambent were dead, the Gears and medical personnel began triage efforts under the direction of Lt.Anya Stroud and the infirmary at Vectes Naval Base was quickly overwhelmed with casualties. Dr.Isabel Maryon-Hayman did her best to respond to the casualties, with operations still ongoing six hours after the battle. Col.Victor Hoffman met with Hayman and informed her that ten Gears and two-hundred and thirty one civilians had died so far, with many more likely to die from their wounds. Hoffman then met with the military and civilian leaders, and they decided to evacuate the island due to the increase in Lambent attacks.[2]


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