Elite Theron

Elite Theron


This article is about the Real World

Box SummaryEdit

The black-armored Theron Elite are exceedingly rare, and truly the stuff of nightmares. They have no mercy, no compassion and no care for their own safety. They live only to kill at the whim and direction of RAAM, their savage and brilliant General. Few have faced them and survived, and none have come away unscathed.


The figure comes with one accessory, a Torque Bow.

Elite theron retro sawed off

Early version of the figure containing the Elite Sawed-Off Shotgun.


  • This figure was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive.
  • Originally, the Elite Theron was advertised holding the Elite Sawed-Off Shotgun, yet the picture was quickly changed by NECA to show him holding a Torque Bow.

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