"The Jacinto area's largest newspaper."
— The Eagle Newspaper's slogan

The Eagle Newspaper was based in Jacinto city along with rival Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper, and was a member of the Sovereigns Press Corps. The paper reported on the COG's new counteroffensive and the honoring of Delta Squad and Colonel Hoffman following the Lightmass Offensive.[1] The paper, along with the Jacinto Sentinel, may have been censored for propaganda reasons since the passing of the Fortification Act. The paper also reported that armor manufacturer NAS was under investigation.[2]

Famous IssuesEdit

COG Forces Head Underground

Eaglenewspaper--article image

"This will be the largest mobilization of COG forces since the Pendulum Wars," Chairman Prescott told the Sovereigns press corps today. "Landown is the perfect location for us to launch this historic assault. The site of a valiant COG defense during the Winter of Sorrow, it's also a strategic location that allows us to take this battle to the heart of the enemy."

Delta Squad Honored for Timgad Heroics

Colonel Victor Hoffman, Sergeant Marcus Fenix, and Delta One Squad were honored last week for their roles in the Lightmass bombing at Timgad. Originally hailed as the war's turning point, the bomb's most important effect was the elimination of the Kryll breeding grounds.[1]

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