The Cliffs is the fourth chapter of the fourth act in Gears of War: Judgment.


After exiting the burning storage area head towards the cliff and you'll see the Endeavor Naval Shipyard from Gears of War 3 burning at the distance because of General Karn's assault and it is covered by ink probably because of the Seeders launching Nemacyst into the air. There'll be several sinking ships and Sofia will state that she had friends stationed at the port with Cole remarking that all of them had. Move forward until you find the Declassified Mission.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Kilo Squad admitted to using Theron Guard weaponry, despite explicit battlefield orders not to."

If you activate the mission you'll have to rely on only Torque Bows and Breechshots to complete the chapter (although Therons don't use Breechshots in gameplay) you will be able to reload the Breechshot with common ammo caches but you will require Onyx ammo caches to reload the Bow which might make things complicated, despite this any weapon can be useful if you know how to use it properly and this is no exception.

As you move on you will find an elevator that will take you closer to the Lightmass Missile, however before you can use it several Snipers will appear on the adjacent cliff wielding One-Shots and using turrets to their advantage. It will be difficult to aim since they're quite far away but the One-Shots require the shooter to expose his head which will make the job easier but don't stay out in the open as they will instantly kill you. Shortly afterwards Therons will join the fight and will instantly head for the turret but there'll be some explosives nearby so you don't have to waste ammo on them. There'll be more explosives near a door so whenever an enemy comes out you blow him up without wasting ammo as you'll need it for later on the chapter. Beware the enemy Torque Bows and take cover wherever you can.

After a while the elevator will come down with some Drones inside, kill them and board the elevator. However as soon as the elevator starts to move more enemies will come out and will try to kill you, you'll have no cover so you'll have to take them out quickly, headshot them or use the Bow to tear them apart before they can cause any trouble. Soon you'll reach the top and there'll be no more danger, reach the door in front of you and continue to the next chapter: Central Base.


As soon as you exit the storage area walk towards the stairs to your left and you will find a COG Tag near some containers.


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