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Tenuous Footing is the fourth chapter of the fifth act of Gears of War 2.

Jacinto sinkhole

The Jacinto sinkhole

You start off by trying to get to the bottom of a sunken area of Jacinto, using the cranes to get across the chasm. Hop into the crane and move left to have Dom get onto the platform first, move him to the right and when he lands, wait for him to make a bridge with the crane for Marcus. Fight your way through sinking buildings. You will come to an elevator, just hop in and enjoy the ride. After the elevator watch out for the Tickers to come around the corner followed by a flamethrower locust. Kill the Tickers immediately to dispose of the flame-locust easily. Next is a platform Marcus and Dom are stranded on where Locust rappel on to for CQC. Repel the locust waves until the platform sinks. Follow your way to a building that is being attacked by a Brumak. Enter the builing and wait for the building to fall. The screen will black out momentarily. When Marcus comes to, the building will be burning, just follow your way out to where the Brumak that blew up the house is stuck. It will be continuously firing its machine guns through the openings to the left, duck and run under the bullets. Make your way around to the side of the Brumak, kill the straggler before being able to capture and ride the Brumak.

TIP: Do the previous chapter first to be able to use the Hammer of Dawn to help you out in this chapter.


  • Upon completing this chapter, you will unlock the "Brumak Rodeo" achievement.
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