Biographical information
Date of birth

Unknown; Before Emergence Day

Date of death

Likely 15 years after Emergence Day

Physical description and equipment




Chronological and political information

Stu was a Stranded who lived under Mount Kadar.


Hiding Under Mount KadarEdit

Stu led a group of Stranded into hiding underground at Mount Kadar after the surface got too dangerous. However, his group was captured by the Locust, and at least one of the group (Maria Santiago) was imprisoned. Stu's fate is unknown. It's possible that he, along with the rest of the group and Maria, was taken towards Nexus, imprisoned, tortured, and eventually killed. His personal journal was found by Sgt. Marcus Fenix.[1]

Personal JournalEdit

We've been down here for weeks now, was real creepy at first, but now it's kind of like camping. Well, camping with a fear of Locust killin' you, so maybe's not really like camping at all. I actually liked camping. I don't like this crap.

Weird as triplets that we're in the Hollow, but the surface got so hot [and I mean hot like dangerous hot, not skillet hot] we really had no choice but to come down here. Chaps is supposed to come down here soon too, that'll be good. Could use that ol' geezer's sense of humor right now, sure could...


Behind the scenesEdit

  • Stu seems to be friends with Chaps. He also thinks that he has a good sense of humor, and before he was captured, wished that he had it with him.
  • One of Gears of War 2's collectibles is a journal from Stu. It's found in Act 3, Chapter 5, at the top of a Locust temple. This is shortly after Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago's first encounter with a Theron Guard.
  • You can see written on Locust runes "danger, Leviathan" in Stu's journal image.


  1. Gears of War 2: Act 3: Gathering Storm: Displacement

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