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The Stroud Estate[1] is the ancestral home of the Stroud family. It eventually came into the possession of Anya Stroud and her husband, Marcus Fenix.


About 150 years before 42 A.E., the estate was an active winery, but it stopped producing wine at some point before E-Day. The estate survived the Locust War mostly unscathed, and was where Anya Stroud and Marcus Fenix settled down in the post-war era. James Dominic Fenix and Delmont Walker spent their childhoods at the estate before being sent to boarding school and later joining the Coalition of Ordered Governments. At some point before 42 A.E., Anya died and was buried on the estate's ground. Marcus attempted to maintain and repair the estate, but only completed some of the necessary tasks, such as fortifying the barrel shed roof, adding a security system, and planting a crop of tomatoes.

In 42 A.E., JD and Del returned to the Stroud Estate accompanied by Kait Diaz, seeking Marcus's help after their fellow Outsiders were kidnapped. They were followed by an army of DeeBees under First Minister Jinn's control, who proceeded to attack. This, combined with a series of untimely Windflares, ultimately led to the destruction of most of the estate, including the mansion and several outlying buildings.



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